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Companies Represented:

B E Speranza, Inc. represents the following companies:

Alpine Metal Tech:

World leader in automated marking & reading systems, plus torch cutting machines, deburring systems, shroud manipulators, powder feeders for continuous casters, and other testing and measuring systems.

Piccardi offers the On-Furnace Automatic Electrode Jointer, plus a full line of electrode handling equipment & tools. The automatic electrode jointer offers benefits such as time savings, reduced electrode breakage and correct, safe and steady joining.

Ravarini is providing Electrostatic Oilers for steel and aluminum strip, since the 1980's, and supplies the increasingly in demand Electrostatic Oiler for Hot Melt / Dry Lube application.

Saar Metall:
Saar Metall supplies copper products for blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces (Lance Tips & PC Distributors), remelting furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, electric furnaces and casters. Saar Metall has over 75 years of experience in casting, welding, forging, and machining copper products for the metals industry.